1. Create a free conference room
  2. Dial 01808 287 837
  3. Enter the eight digit conference room number and press # to join

Completely Free Conference Rooms in the UK

Conference room services traditionally use premium rate access numbers, or 0800 numbers that can cost up to 40p per minute to call from mobiles. ConferenceBuster is different; our conference rooms are free to set up and free* to call from UK landlines and mobiles using your inclusive minutes.

No registration or set-up is necessary—just use the button below to get your ConferenceBuster room number. Your conference room will be available immediately.


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* “Free” assumes you receive inclusive minutes to UK landlines as part of your mobile phone contract. ConferenceBuster access numbers should be included in these free minutes, and should otherwise be charged at your provider’s normal UK landline rate. accepts no liability for any costs incurred from using our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use your service if I don’t get free minutes to UK landlines?
Our access numbers should be charged at the normal landline rate, which should still be cheaper than calling other services’ access numbers. Check your mobile tariff to see if we could still save you money.
How many people can join a conference room at a time?
The number of participants is currently limited to six callers at a time.
What’s the catch? How does earn any money?
We can offer this to you as a free service because we receive a small amount of money for handling calls to our access numbers.
How can I store my conference number in my phone’s address book?
Most mobiles come with the ability to add “pauses” to contacts which cause the phone to wait for 2–3 seconds before dialling the rest of the number. These are usually represented by a “p” or “+” so the number you store should resemble 01808287837p12345678#. To enter a pause:


- press * three times (or until p appears)

Samsung, Motorola

- press and hold * until p appears

Sony Ericsson

- press and hold 7 until p appears


- press and hold # until p appears


- press and hold 0 until + appears

Apple iPhone

- press and hold * until , appears
What if I have questions, comments, or other feedback?
You can ask questions, report problems, or share your thoughts with the ConferenceBuster Community.